Can religion be a Chain business, selling trust and rules instead of being a divine thing overall? (No Offense to anyone)

Can religion be a Chain business, selling trust and rules instead of being a divine thing overall? (No Offense to anyone)


My first day at Natraj Towers, Vizag

Natraj Towers in vizag is a normal apartment…  With flats and people in it…  I got a chance to live there for three months of my training period in Wipro…  I was searching for a place to live…  And the broker took me to this place…  It was a guest house…  Completely furnished…  And with all the necessary things…  But to stay there…  I needed room mates.. 

Just that morning…  Hardik asked me, if I found a place,  and if not, then to tell them if I do…  I called him up, that I need room mates…  He was nearby…  And came within 15 mins.. 

Shivank was with him…  I and broker were sitting on the sofa…  And hardik and his Frnd ajay joined us too…  Shivank entered the room…  Looked towards the bed…  Shook hands with me..  And went and lied down on the bed..  Duniya se koi matlab nhe… 

We finalized the deal…  And now it was time to shift…  Shivank and hardik moved that very day, and I shifted,  the next day… 

Now the first day at Natraj Towers started…  We decided our beds…  And then went off to big bazar to buy the necessary things…  Then in the evening…  We got out…  To see the surroundings… 

We had holidays for the next 3 days…  And had no idea what to do…  I was in a dilemma…  That should I ask for a beer or not…  Then suddenly hardik asked me…  Bhai beer piyega?  I was so glad…  And we went to a bar..  We took beers…
Since that day… We started having beer…  Every night… 

Now entered our 4th room mate…  Anvit…  He doesn’t drink…  So we used to get him a coke whenever we used to go out to buy drinks… 

This day…  Started a trend…  Of every weekend house parties at our place…  Every time…  The result used to be a lot of frustration…  But then we used to wait for the next weekend too… 

It was kind of a confusing situation…  And the major role played in that confusion… Was of Pragya’s…  Now the rest everyone knows..  😜

HarDik’s Birthday Bash(Part 1)

Well, it was a day to remember. 23rd of August it was.. but let me start from 22nd.. A little details of the preparation, for the party would be good. Hardik, Shivank, Anvit and I returned from the office and were having Dinner. It was a Friday, and hence we started deciding our plans for the weekend. We decided on having whisky on the Saturday night. Then Hardik said.. “Abe… Mera birthday 25th ko hai.. Kyun na kal hi party de du.. Warna fir TRP ke chakkar mein party nhe ho payegi”.. We all thought about it for a second and then agreed with him. TRP is an internal Exam held for the Wipro trainees.and it was scheduled on the 3rd of September for some of us, and 1st of Sept, for the others, So there wasn’t a scope of partying till then….

It was the end of the month and hence we had limited funds available with us. We all sat down and started deciding the amount that would be required. After spending some time, we came to the conclusion that 4000 Rs. would be required… Now, Hardik had…. wait a sec. Why the hell am I using actual names, when we have got some pretty awesome nicknames… Hardik is Hard Dick, but here I’ll call him Hardy, Shivank is Tatti, Anvit is Cheeku and I am Dhawlak. TongueLaughing

ok, so Hardy had 2500, Tatti had 300, I had 400 and Cheeku had 2000. So our hopes were on Cheeku… He agreed to give the money… The invites started flowing through WhatsApp and phone. the people invited were Pragya, Somdipa, Prashant, Nikhil Gupta, Farhaz, Nikhil Verma, Yashu, Sahil Bhai, Kavish Premji, Anuj, Debrup, Gurvinder and Rajul. That was all for the day, We slept. The next day, tatti had his office and he asked me to wake him up at 7. I woke him up and slept. He left for the office. After around 3 hours I woke up, and so did Hardy. but Cheeku, as usual was asleep. we both got ready and woke cheeku up as it was time for breakfast and we were hungry.. We had Dosas and came back. Cheeku fell asleep again and we both started playing guitar.

Then we realized that there’s a party being hosted by us today, and the room is a mess. We got to work, Cleaned up the room and then took bath. I came out of the bathroom and hardy went in, and then cheeku woke up… “Naha Liye… Main bhi naha leta hu.. “ It was time for Tatti to return from the office, and he came after around half an hour, then we got to work again, to collect the things we needed for the night. I got the responsibility of getting the fridge from our house owner, Hardy and cheeku went to get daru, chakna, and dinner… Tatti, was guarding the room. I got the fridge, and Ash tray from the owner. and came back to the room. Then Entered Hardy and cheeku. They had their bags, stuffed with our stuff.

Hardy very excitedly, kept the bag on the chair, and with actions said..”Abe, Itni badi, 2 litre ki Bottle… “Big Hug Dhuuum, fell his bag from the chair, and some liquid started flowing out of it. Tatti ran towards the bag…  shouting… “Abe beer ki bottle toot gayi… “Worried, hearing this.. all of us came into action.. picked up the bag… hardy took out a bottle, and I thought that it is the one that broke.. as the beer was dropping from it inside the bag… But then later got to know, that the other one broke… and actually was kind of crushed… I took out the bigger pieces and Tatti took the bag to the bathroom to dispose of the remains… then I told them that my Bihari friends used to sprinkle some whisky over the floor and then started drinking… And we did the same.. at a larger scale… Tongue

Cheeku, then took out the bottle… The 2 litre one… And I was dumbstruck for a moment. It was the first time I saw that huge of a bottle… It was 7, and that meant ,that there was at least, one hour more, for the party to start… I was staring at the bottle, and was getting restless… Then Pragya (Paggi) Texted, that they are on their way… I cooled down… and  we waited…

To be continued… 

The Journey to Vizag

I left my college with the mindset, that I would be at my home for the net 3-4 months, as I am placed in Wipro Technologies and It gave late joining till the last year, and hence I applied for an internship back at home on 29th of May. I was waiting for the results to be declared for the internship test, and my inbox pinged. A mail from Wipro. Saying that we have to complete E-Learning modules by 31st july to get early onboarding.

I was feeling relaxed that atleast I got a mail from Wipro.. and then I though, that 31st july is the last date for modules completion, and hence there won’t be any joining mail before that. So I had 2 months at least at home. Well, a sms popped, soon after some hours.. From Wipro… Saying that the last date has been preponed to 20th June. and I was like WTF… The mail came on 8th with the links to modules, and the last date was 20th.. I was Exhausted at the thought of studying all day and night to complete them.

Well 2 days later, another mail was received that said, that we have to complete the modules and give 2 evaluation exams before 25th… I started studying, from 8 AM to 8 PM, I used to be at my desk, glued to my PC. 20th Morning, I finished the modules, gave the first test at noon and the second in the evening. At 6, I was free… and all day, I spent with my brothers, roaming around the city…  ‘’I returned back home, and by chance opened up my Email, There lied an Email that brought tears to my eyes… I said, congratulation Pranav Bhartia, You’ve scored greater than the threshold, we would contact you soon for the mid july joining.

Mid July, Seriously, Just 15 days from then… I was jumping around and told everybody about it. There was a facebook group for the Wipro 2014 batch, and I happened to be the first one to clear my exam on that group. I posted the mail over there. and the kind of popularity I got.. was kind of frustrating, as all day I was getting unknown texts, calls on FB and whatsapp. But I kind of enjoyed it too.. I made friends even before joining the place. Then the mail Arrived with the Greatest news… My training location was Vizag and Project Location as Bangalore… And the date was 8th of July.

That Evening I got a Call form that company, in which I applied for the internship, saying that I cleared the exam and can join the office from Monday… I felt so Good in rejecting the offer. It was my first rejection to a company as another company was ready to take me on board. Being a successful freelancer is my dream, and it felt like living my dream. My mom and Dad, were happy and at the same time were depressed at the thought of me leaving them… As even they knew that now, It would be no turning back for me for a very long time. My brothers felt the same… I had to leave the city on 1st, because I had to collect my certificates from the college as well.

On 1st, I left Kanpur. reached delhi, and headed towards my college. There I met, Shikha, Priya (taii) , Prajjwal(Tauu) and Shristi… They were there for the same purpose too. we spent the whole day in the college. It felt good to come back to the place where you spent 4 years as an alumni… It was a strange feeling. That day, I went back to the home, I used to live in Modinagar… Took the keys to my room from aunty, and went and slept there the whole day, Cried a little, when I realized that I wont be seeing my parents and brothers for a long time.. 

the next day, I went to vivek Gupta’s place, and spent a few days at his place… Those days were awesome, every night parties and fun… well 6th Came, and I had my train from Nizzamuddin , Vivek dropped me over there… and I left for Vizag…

I got all south Indians in my compartment and started feeling the fear of being surrounded by them in the new city. They were talking in telugu and I tried sleeping for the maximum time. It was a 36 hour journey and the weather was not at all pleasent, so slept for around 26 hours during the journey. A distant relative resides in Vizag, he called to ask my details and to tell me that he would be there to pick me up at the Station.

Well the journey went on.. and I reached Vizag Finally, The rest would be continued soon…. Happy

The Best Holi Ever

8th March, 2014

It was the second day of the International Conference in Our college, and I had a paper to present. The second Presentation of the day was mine, Before Calling me up on the stage, Dhoumya mam, introduced my team to the audience very well. After the Presentation. There was not much work left to do. Ab kehte hain na.. Khali dimag Shaitan ka hota hai Devil. I was sitting with Anjali, Anubha, Gautam and Vivek Yadav. The papers were boring, as we were least interested in them. The Holi was nearing by.. and as it was the last holi ever in my college life, It had to be with friends. We planned , that on 10th, it is the last exam, and after that, no one would show up. So, it had to be done on 10th itself…

Well, The Conference ended, I came back home and now came the fun part… I texted on Bhukkads, that on 10th gande kapde pehen ke aana.. kapde kharab ho to mat kehna… and everybody was like, koi holi nai hogi, hum bhag jayenge.. blah blah blah… Now this was something unplanned, and as they were now informed, they would be careful, so I had to plan something, so that they couldn’t escape… I knew that I would have to finish the Exam early and wait for them outside the main gate. I needed some more people, as they all together would have outrun me.. For 2 days,  I kept on Scaring them. And they kept on saying that they would run away…

10th March, 2014

Now came the big day.. Padhna to waise bhi nai hota… That day, everybody was ignoring me… I had a bag in my hand with colours in it.. and all my friends were running away from me.. Ruchika, in her unique style said.. “Pranav…Hum tujhse milenge hi nhe exam ke baad.. “ Open-mouthed I kept on laughing with a Devilish smile looking at their faces… Secret telling Isha was on my side and I called her to keep the colours in her bag, but then i realised that I’ll have to get out early.. she suggested to take anjali’s bag with me… I went to her… Took her bag, and went to my exam hall.

At 11:15, I finished my exam, and asked sir, if I can leave… and that tharki P.K. Sagar sir, refused… I kept waiting and abusing him… well.. at 11:55 he let us go… I saw Anjali outside… and thought ki agar ye bahar aa gayi to ho skta hai ki baaki bhi aa gaye ho aur bhag gaye ho… I Immediately handed over her bag and ran to the College gate. I texted Isha to come soon, and on bhukkads, that I am waiting for them… Rishabh bhai said that he got out and is now back at the Room. I called him… and the noise in the back told me that he was in the college. well, that hint was enough, that they were scarred and are all together… Searching for me..

Dogra came out… and I was wanting to just grab her and paint all her face with all the colours in my hand… but somehow, I controlled. she came near me.. and started talking to someone on the phone, 2 minutes, 3 minutes… she wasnt stopping… I got irritated, I opened my bag… took out a packet of Gulal, and opened it up,.. She saw me, and ran back into the college with all her strength… 😀 😛 .. I felt Powerful…  In the meanwhile, Isha called, she told me that she can see my group and is going towards them to bring them out… I got ready… Rishabh again called me and said.. “ Kitni der mein aa rhe ho room pe… jaldi aao… “ and I laughed again… Isha came out with Anjali, Gautam and Anubha… but there was no sign of my group… well, We started playing holi…

After a few minutes, I saw Rishabh standing on the gate… he kept standing… And I kept staring… Then suddenly he Ran.. as I was ready with the colour in my hand… I rubbed it on my palms and ran after him… Fortunately, his I-Card fell.. and I stopped him for it.. He stopped.. 😀 😀 … And then… his face was all Purple…. bechara… 😛  Now he was on our side and took some colour in his hands too, he coloured us, then we all started waiting for the rest…

IMG-20140313-WA0001 IMG-20140313-WA0000

Itne mein… Gate ke peeche se ek Chuhiya jaise chote se muh nikle… It was Ria and Varnika… 😛 Dono hume dekh rhe the… and were shouting from there…Please mat lagana.. jaane do hume… 😀 😀 … I swear… They were the best moments of my life…  Srishti Anand and Shunmuga tried to get away by running… I caught Srishti, but Shunmuga ran back into the college gates… 😀 bechari Srishti.. Ek ek ne araam se lagaya uske to… she was wiping her face again and again… So I said, ki agar saaf kiya to firse lagega… Sayan got excited too… ab to jab bhi wo saaf karti… we all coloured her again…. 😀

We kept on waiting… After around half an hour… We all got decided to put away the colours and let them go if they are not willing to play… well, we told them so, but they didn’t come out… We kept chatting amongst ourselves… Suddenly, Shikha and Sakshi started running, and tried to get a bus… I don’t know why, but I started running after her too.. We caught her, and coloured her face..

We all were enjoying and suddenly a Biker got down from the road and crossed the college girls closely… Gautam saw it.. and ran after them… in a few seconds, Belts were out and the bikers started throwing stones…  Somehow, escaping the stones we reached the other side of the college… We realised that now its all over. and hence we asked the others to come out ASAP and go back to their homes, as it was getting unsafe… But pagal ladkiya… Angry… Bharosa hi nhe hai…

We were hungry and hence went to Desi Tadka to have some Chili Potato. Isha called Ruchika that she’s sitting there and to call her when she’s coming out.. as They had to go to Delhi together… After sometime, we got to know that Ruchika, Ria and Varnika left for the Modinagar bus stand, and Ruchika would be catching a bus from there.. we finished up eating and went to the bus stand to see them off… Ria got down at her hostel.

Yadav said, ki yaar wahin pe dono lo colour laga dete hain.. I too wanted it… but, then I refused… I was thinking that Ruchika had to go to delhi and it would get unsafe… But then Isha said… that even she is full of colour… in the mean while… Ria texted on the group ki wo bach gayi… and started teasing me… I said…Yadav bhai… aaj ni chodna ab to inhe… we Reached the bus stand… Isha and Varnika were walking in the front together, then Yadav and Ruchika… And I was at the back, alone… quietly, I took out the packet, and took some colour on my hand… Kept the packet back… tapped Ruchika on her back, and as she turned… her face was all Purple… Open-mouthedTongue out 

Seeing this.. Varnika Ran away with all her strength… in no time she was out of sight, Me , Isha and Yadav were all on Ruchika.. and she ran away, When I called, she was at her home… AngryDevilBach gayi nalayak… Angry Yadav, applied some Gulal inside Ruchika’s mouth… she started coughing.. Yadav got a water bottle, I got on my task of taking pics… and then we chatted for a while… I took the water bottle from her to have some water… then Isha took it from me… I was wanting to pour water on her head.. as there was a lot of colour on her hair… but Isha ki bachchi…. she poured it all over me… ConfusedAngryBaring teeth.. Then Yadav poured some more colour on my head… and that was the end of it… Ruchika and Isha got on a bus… And we went back to our homes….


Varu aur Ria,,, AngryDevil Us din to bach gayi na… but ek din main laut ke zarur aaunga… Open-mouthedTongue outDevilBaring teeth

Vartika Di’s Engagement(Part 3, The Eve)

I, Sayan and Rishabh were walking down the street towards The Akash Guest House, And we saw a Sign Board saying Akash Guest House. We happily turned towards it, and started ascending the steps.. There was a metal detector, and no guards around. The metal detector used to beep every time a person moved through it, weather carrying some metallic substance or not. We reached a lobby, and a lady was coming out of her room, we asked her if Varnika is back, She said yes, she must be in the first room.  We knocked, and a girl came out.. her hair were tightly placed in horizontal direction, somewhat like the African ladies, and her face bore make up. And she said.. “ Oh! Rishabh , Pranav.. Aa gaye tum log.. “ I was stunned for a moment, as I didn’t recognize her, and she knew us.. Then it came on to me.. She was Vartika Di.. Open-mouthed smileSmile with tongue out. She showed us our room.

The three of us went into the room and took off our shoes and socks and lied down on the bed.. It was relaxing.. Lying down after the whole day… We started discussing about our girls, and all the performances of the day… Rishabh said that we should rest for 10-15 minutes, freshen up and go to uncle to help him out. He asked me to lock the door, I did. After 5 minutes, Someone knocked, I opened up, and it was Ria. She said.. “ Sone nhe aaye ho yahan, chalo utho kaam karo.. Room lock karke baith gaye ladies ki tarah.. “. All three of us jumped out of bed, and she asked us to lift the boxes from didi’s room and carry them to ours. We did so.

Aunty(Varu’s Mother) asked me if I could find out the south west directions on the GPS.. I tried, But it didn’t show, so I told her that some chaiwala would be knowing it downstairs and I would just go and find it out.. I got down and kept shopkeeper. But to no luck. At last I reached a Gas Station, where two old men were talking.. I asked them, they called up a man and told him the situation. He then told me the direction. Now, these directions have actually confused me all my life, and so I was afraid that I may mix them up.. So as he told me the west and south, I stopped him from telling me the Other two.. and came running back to the hotel, I calculated the direction according to the lobby and immediately told aunty about them.. Woah.. I didn’t mix them up .. Open-mouthed smile 

After Loading up all the luggage into our room, we three sat down on the bed, and Ria also joined us this time, after a while, Varu came and handed over some cash to Rishabh and ask us to get some Food from a nearby hotel. Her Driver, Explained the Route, I was in an impression that I don’t have to go, so I didn’t listen, And rishabh asked me and sayan to accompany him too, as we needed water bottles, glasses , plates too.. We came down the stairs, and as Rishabh listened to the Instructions, led the way. After walking for a couple of meters, We saw no shops or Dhabas on the road, It was an empty road, so we decided  to ask someone, The driver was saying something about a dairy so we asked for the dairy, Now there, unfortunately was a Dairy Farm and a Dairy… Now the confusion started. We took the path to the Dairy Farm, and after walking for a couple of Meters.. Decided to Call Varnika.. But after the Scolding, rishabh got, I was not at all in a mood to call her, and that too for this.. neither was sayan… We called Ria, and that ullu, handed over the phone to Varnika… Rishabh was talking.. and after a few seconds, when he kept down the phone, he said.. “Yaar kuch samajh hi nhe aaya kya bol gayi.. “ We were like.. “Dobara call karwaoge?? “ Well Rishabh calledher agin, and this time, she explained him.. he got it and we reached the restaurant.

We placed the order and then leaving rishabh over their, I and Sayan went to get the water bottles and rest of the stuff.  After around 10 minutes, when we were returning, my cell phone buzzed, It was Ruchika’s Message, That she won’t be able to come. Any ways, we reached the restaurant, and picked up the bags and headed back towards the guest house. We handed over the balance to Uncle and started serving the food.. Varnika’s Family member’s started coming out by now and they saw us. I was on the Serving Table, Sayan was helping me out with the plates and Rishabh and Ria were waitering. But, as nobody knew them, the family members were kind of shy taking plates from them and were refusing.. We called Varu.. and told her the issue.. Tab to Jhansi ki Rani gayi.. Aur sabko plate thama aayi haatho mein 5 minute mein… Smile with tongue out. We were by now the center of attraction for some of the members.. Winking smile Varu’s Mausi was the first one to come and talk to me.. about my relation with varu, and our college, placements and all that stuff.. Then her Mama… Well..They all were very frank, and we had by now started enjoying their company instead of felling awkward. A feeling of apnapan was being felt by us over there.. And I loved it. We were busy in serving, so were not eating at that time, seeing this, Didi called us in the room and Unhone apne haatho se sabko ek ek bite khilai… Send a kiss. Then she introduced us to a man sitting over their.. his name was Ankit, The make up artist..   Frankly speaking, these Guys are the most important personalities during weddings or parties… Winking smile. Well Something made him a Really important personality between us friends.. How?, That would be disclosed later in the post…. Sayan Bhai… Thumbs up High five Winking smile Smile with tongue out.

Then Ankit came to us after finishing his food, and talked to us about all the random stuff, and we made friends with him…  Well, Everybody finished their Dinner and I, Sayan, Rishabh, Ria and Varnika took our plates and sat in the room… We all finished our food with some gossip and discussions about the events of the day….  Then we met Kishu… The sweet little girl. She was very cute and was the kid of this new generation… All witty and intelligent… We got some mattresses from the hotel staff and put them on the lobby floor. I plugged in the woofers and Started playing songs… The kids started dancing… and we sat near Didi… Didi was in our room and Ankit was applying Heena(Mehndi) on her hands… After a while, we all came out, and started Dancing, Rishabh was the DJ, Me the Camera man, and the Rest.. Dancers…

We all were dancing, and then came Varu’s Bhutan wali Chachi, she asked us to play Mayin Mayin … But we didn;t have it, so we played an another song of those times, and she danced well … Then she even danced on the new songs and she danced  like us… The Tamanche pe Disco Song was the best… she did all the steps… and we all tried to resemble her… then Varu’s Mom also joined us… In between, Didi came out to see us all dancing…  and varu ran towards her, making her do some steps too… The song at that time was Badtameez dil, and Ankit Noticed Sayan dancing and copied a step of his, with both the hands in opposite directions and one hand up near the forehead, and the other one at his back…

After some time, we all got tired, and went back to the room, and sat around didi to see her mehndi…  Some Light jokes were being enjoyed… Uncle came in the room, and told us that Ria, didi, Varu and aunty would sleep in one room, and Pranav, Rishabh,Ankit and Sayan in one room, we agreed, then.. Rishabh called me out… of the room… He said.. “ Pranav, ek minute bahar aao.. ek baat karni hai… “ I said.. “ Agar kal batane ke liye kahoge to nhe aa rha… “.. Rishabh.. “ Nhe.. aaj hi bata dunga.. aao to.. “. I went out… and as soon as i closed my door behind me.. he said.. “ Abe ye ankit chakka sa nhe lag rha?? harkatein kuch waisi si nhe hain iski? “

Pranav.. ‘’Haan yaar kuch hain to..  to?”

Rishabh.. “ Abe main ni sounga is chakke ke saath.. “

He said this and I burst out laughing… and said.. “ Main bhi nhe so rha… “

Rishabh.. “ Yaar, sayan ko mat batana.. Warna wo bhi nhe soyega.. fir dikkat ho jayegi… use kal bta denge… “

I said ok.. and went inside the room laughing… All of them were staring at us.. that why were we laughing.. They asked me once.. that what was the matter, I said it’s nothing.. and the topic changed.. Then Ria… She kept on shaking me.. batao na kya hua… please please… I had to tell her.. warna chodti nhe mujhe wo… I took her out.. and told her everything… She started laughing too… but with such an intensity that she wasn’t even able to walk properly… she came quietly in the room, sat down on the bed… and then again burst out laughing…  Everybody got curious inside the room, and started asking us.. And we said that it was just a PJ and nothing else… and that we would tell them the next day about it…  Kishu was sitting inside the room with us only.. she must be around 7-8 years.. and she hung on me.. Bhaiya batao na kyu has rhe the… I was not able to stop laughing, not able to think, what I should tell this little girl.. I told her to ask Ria… She again turned her over to me… then after 4-5 times.. she said.. that Pranav bhaiya told her Johny Johny yes papa Poem.. and listening this.. even she started laughing…. I, Ria and Rishabh Kept on laughing on this topic for around 2 hours continuously… Didi, Varu and sayan were all confused… and were thinking of the reasons possible… There was Ankit sitting in front of us.. applying mehndi.. and was again and again acting in some or the other ways as gays… And as soon as he used to do something… we all used to laugh… Even he was perplexed…   Sayan asked us… “Yaar, mere upar to koi pj nhe hai na kahin?” I said… “Bhai.. Kal hi btayenge,,, “…Smile with tongue out

Ankit had two favourite dialogues… whenever he said some PJ on which nobody laughed, He used to say.. “Hawa thi.. Nikal Gayi… Open-mouthed smile“ and then, when varu aur Vartika di started speaking when he didn’t want them to, he used to say.. “Haiiin?” …

Well, Di’s mehndi was complete… and Ankit came with us on the bed inside the blanket… Didi, felt sleepy, so she went to her room. Ankit started applying the mehndi on Varu’s hands… She asked sayan to get didi’s mehndi’s pics.. both of hands and legs… we had already taken the pics of her hands.. so she told her to get the Pics of her legs… Sayan went to Didi’s room and knocked and said.. Didi, Kholiyega.. Paero ki Pic leni hai…”Smile with tongue outOpen-mouthed smile

Ankit was feeling hungry and was searching for something to eat.  There was an apple kept their in our room, he asked for it.. Varu in the mean while asked me to get some more fruits from the basket in her room… Sayan spoke up immediately… “Bhai.. Mere do kele le aana… “ Varu and Ria were the first ones to burst out laughing… then continued us… The double meaning talks started up… /he said… “Kele mere favourite hain…” I, Ria and rishabh looked at each other.. Linked it with the Ankit topic.. and I ran out of the room… I had enough of laughing for the day… I knocked the door, asked didi for the fruit basket.. she showed me, I took some, and came back… Specially with two Bananas for Sayan…

As I Entered the room, I headed towards the Sink, to wash the fruits, but there was no water, Sayan said.. “ Mere kele de do.. Inhe dhone ki kya jarurat.. “. Ankit gave me the water bottle to wash the apples, and I gave one to each. Rishabh Finished his apple, and Sayan his bananas, They were holding the leftovers in their hands… Rishabh… “Sayan, apna kela kholo.. I mean chilka kholo.. aur usme mera daal lo.. apple”… we all again laughed… then the girls, Ria and Varu left for their room as it was getting very late, and Sayan Got up to throw the left overs of the fruits… If we divide the bed into 4 parts, Ankit took the 4th part, Seeing the chance, Rishabh grabbed the 1st one, i was about to take the second, when he shifted to the second position, as we had one blanket, and he did not want to risk it.. I immediately took the 1st position.. Now only the 3rd position was left… And when sayan came.. He had to take it.. While lying down.. He was very happy… That he is in the middle and whosoever snatches the blanket, Sayan would always be covered… I and Rishabh were Laughing inside our minds.. That beta… Raat abhi baaki hai.. jayda khush mat ho… Smile with tongue out Winking smile.

Well with all these, Happy moments, ended The engagement day. A day that none of us would forget throughout our lives… Love you all.. Secret telling smile

Vartika Di’s Engagement(Part 2)

We Friends were on the couch waiting for the Function to begin and there entered the Bride.. The softening music provided an ambience, that a person would want all his life.. She was accompanied with Varnika and Khusboo(The Green Saree Girl Winking smile).


They headed towards the stage and a small stool was kept their on which didi sat. Everybody got up from their seats and gathered around the stage, to have a glance of the bride. Everybody got up on the stage in turns along with their families, to get a photograph clicked along with didi.


Didi called us up on the stage, she asked varu to do so. Varu asked me to call everyone, I got a little excited and got up on the stage, and varu scolded me.. “ Shoes nhe lane hote stage pe Pranav.. Utar ke aao.. “ I rushed back down, removed my shoes, and scolded the others.. “Abe jute nhe le jate.. itna bhi nhe pata tum logo ko.. Smile with tongue out“ Everybody then got up on the stage and got a nice picture clicked.

Then Di’s Mother in law came up, and started the rituals, First she gave her some basket full of something, that was not visible… Then some Rice kind of thing was sprinkled on the basket.. Then she did something, that I saw for the first time.. She gave her a small Babua.. made of plastic. It wore a red cap, and was looking really cute in the dress. Didi was holding it just like a baby, and it looked as if it was didi’s kid in her arms. Then her Mother in law took some Currency notes and circled them around di.. Then a Red chunri was covered over di…


After this.. Everybody got down of the stage, and varnika, Didi, Khusboo and her sis remained on the stage. They were chatting. In the mean time, Jiju entered the hall, Mohit, and some of his friends accompanied him.  Khushboo ran over to his side, Mohit started dancing and got jiju dancing too. Jiju came on the stage dancing, Picked up didi from the stool and took her to the couch behind them. They sat on the couch. Then the ring ceremony started. two rings were brought in a beautifully decorated tray and didi and jiju picked one each. and then they exchanged their rings…


Then came the saali of jiju… and Devar of didi, dancing on Wah Wah Ram ji.. it was an epic dance, in which Dewarji baar baar gayab ho jate the.. and bechari saali dance karti rehti thi akele… With her Mopping Dress Smile with tongue out

After that, Didi’s Mother in law took her down the stage, Mohit brought Jiju down there. And then they four performed a dance together. Then Didi performed on Maiya Yashoda, And her Mother in law danced with her throughout the song. The duet was awesome… Comments came for jiju “Beta protest kar.. Maa se teri burai ho rhi hai… “ Jiju said.. “Nhe tareef ho rhi hai..” On this some uncle said.. “Tareef? Natkhat bol rhi hai.. ye kaisi tareef”…

Then an uncle and his wife came up, They danced on Kya khoob lagti ho… They danced very well, Everybody enjoyed their dance.. As soon as this performance ended, Yashu didi performed(Rishu ki do bachcho ki MaaSmile with tongue out) on Nagado sang dhol baaje.. She danced really well. rishabh unpe pehle se hi fida tha.. aur unhe dance karte dekh to he stood up and started clapping with the beats… We all were sitting, and he caught us by our hands and made us clap for her.. Varnika was standing at a distance from us near didi, and rishabh shouted from there… “Varu.. clap karo… “ and she started clapping out of embarrassment.. 

Now didi and jiju came up on the DJ floor and danced on Tum hi ho.. Everybody was hooting and clapping for that romantic couple dance, Then out of somewhere Varnika came up.. with Sayan, and danced… I and rishabh were like… “Kutta.. Theek ho gaya.. Varu ke saath dance kar rha hai… AnnoyedSmile with tongue out  Then she came and took us all onto the stage, I refused… So Ria offered me to dance with her… Ab ye offer kaise mana kar deta…  and we danced for a couple of minutes.. I danced… Surprised smile can you Imagine… Open-mouthed smile. Then we came down the floor. Then came Sayan Ki black wali… She performed on Ore pia.. It was a classic dance…  then one more lady came up and performed on Saat Samundar. it was good too.

Uncle asked us to go downstairs for Lunch, but we were not feeling like eating, and everybody was upstairs, so it seemed kind of awkward to go down all alone, so we stayed. Then after a while, Varnika came, Irritated, and said.. “ Yaar kaise jaoge khana khane.. Jaate kyu nhe.. “. We felt the need of the time, and immediately got on our feet… We went downstairs and had food… Meet had to leave, as he to do some preparation for his sister’s marriage. he bid good bye to us and Vineet and Ujjwal went along with him to see him off..

Ruchika, till now came in mood, to join us in the night, but she had to take her parents consent for it… She called her mother and asked her for the same.. She had to go home first to change her clothes as they got wet in the morning.. and then return. So Aunty said that she would talk when she’s back home. We asked varu for the venue and were leaving to drop Ruchika and then head back towards the venue… We planned on taking the Metro.. Uncle said, that we should not take Ria along with us, as it would be unsafe and Varu would get a helping hand over there., we agreed and left her there with Varu…

I, Rishabh, Sayan went along with Ruchika to drop her, We were walking to get on the main road, I told them that Varu asked us to adjust in one room and was embarrassed for it… On this… The First PJ of Sayan Came by… He took it in a sense that I am telling this as Ruchika would also be joining us and that was not part of the plan…  Sayan… “ Arrey jab uncle ne itna achcha intazam kiya hai.. Sab kuch achche se plan kiya hai.. To Raat ko agar hotel mein ek ladki aa jayegi humare beech to kya dikkat hai.. Adjust kar lenge hum… “ I was shocked for a second… and then burst out laughing…  In the meantime.. Rishabh and Ruchika also grabbed the joke and started laughing… Then we took and auto to the metro station. he stopped at the Gas station for refuelling.

Then we reached Vaishali and boarded the metro… As we sat in the metro.. Rishabh Started.. “ Abe ye darwaza ek side ka hi band kyu hai”

Sayan.. “ Abe haan yaar… Btao.. apne aap khul band ho rhe hain ye darwaze to… “

Me.. “ Abe dekho.. Angrezi mein upar kuch likha bhi aa rha hai.. Singapore wali didi.. kya likha hai btao na.. “

Ruchika slapped her head tried to hide her face.. She was feeling embarrassed as we were acting like gawars.. she said.. “ Jaldi se anand vihar aaye yaar.. utro tum log.. Main ni janti tum logo ko… “ Well Anand vihar came, and we deboarded the train… we crossed the road and asked a chaiwala for the directions to Akash Guest House… He told us that it is straight ahead.. Around 800 meters from there.. So we decided to walk… We kept on walking and walking and walking… Finally after around 1.5 kms.. We saw a sign Board saying Akash Guest House… We sighed and Entered the hotel…


To be Continued…

Vartika Di’s Engagement(Part 1)

“Kya baat hai yaar Sayan.. Ye to chalti bhi hai… Aaj first time gadi mein baithe hain… Kitna maza aa rha hai”, Said rishabh as we headed towards Vaishali to pick up Ruchika in a Taxi. Sayan and rishabh were fighting over the selection of songs to be played and Ria said ki “ Kya gawaro ki tarah lad rhe ho dono… Car mein shanti se nhe baith skte”, This triggered the Nautanki wala button in both of them and they started acting as if they were inside a car for the very first time. Sayan said ,”Abe isme to pen drive bhi lagti hai..” I and Ria were looking towards each other, upper and lower teeth rubbing each other and fists tightly closed…

It was raining hard and the weather got colder. None of us had sweaters on us and started shivering a little bit. Finally we reached Vaishali and called ruchika, She said that she would take 5 minutes. It was a long way from Modingar to Vaishali and hence, I , rishabh and Sayan Got down to straighten our legs. The rain had almost stopped by then, and the winds had become chillier. Those winds got through our Formal Shirts and reached our spines, sending a Shiver signal to the Brain. Well, as the Quote says, Boys will be Boys… our eyes fell upon a girl just 10 steps from us , in black clothes, sitting on a scooty.. “Abe Ruchika ko chod.. Ise hi le chalte hain”, “nhe bey.. Dono ko hi le chalo.. God mein baitha lenge.. “ ,” Sayan tu diggi mein fit ho jayega.. chal ghus… Hum aage inko leke aate hain”. And the men’s talk went on and on.. And Ria participated too in it..

10 minutes passed, but Ruchika was nowhere to be seen. Sayan and me went to the station to wait for her, every time we called, we got the same reply, “5 minute yaar bas, raste mein hi hu”Well after half an hour, she showed up, Orange top, Black over coat.. Uhm, Men in black with a hottie… Chati Chaudi karke chal rhe the ab to hum dono puri vaisahli mein.. Smile with tongue out

We took her to the car, and Rishabh and sayan sat on the front seat, sayan was literally lying over rishabh…. and ria, ruchika and me on the back seat with a suitcase. anyhow, we adjusted and the car moved on. We reached the Venue in Vasundhra 10 minutes later, Hotel Mukut Regency. Rishabh Called Varnika to ask about the place where we could put our bags. And Varu ne jo daat lagayi use… Bechara… Smile with tongue out She said “Ki yaar ek to yahan mera saman nhe mil rha, upar se tm log pareshan kar rhe ho. Papa honge wahan unse puch lo.. Mujhe call mat karo baar baar” Bechara sehma hua sa rishabh bola,”Tu pareshan mat ho , chal hum dekh lete hain.. “ “Saalo tm log ke chakkar mein mujhe daat pad jati hai” Open-mouthed smile Smile with tongue out

Well we entered the venue and uncle was standing there, he recognised us and we asked him the room where we can put our luggage. He lead us to the room. on asking for work, he said that there’s none. and told us to be seated in the banquet hall. As we entered the hall, we saw Meet. At first I didn’t recognise him. Then I went upto him, and asked him to join us. He told us that Vineet and Ujjwal would be joining soon. Uncle came and told us to take our seats, we sat down.. all together. Meet, then me, then ria, ruchika, then rishabh and sayan. The waiters started coming to us with snacks and due to embarrassment I and meet being on the corner refused each time. Rishabh and sayan were hungry and because we didn’t pick up the plates they even refused. Finally after 5-6 times, Rishabh spoke up.. “Yaar at least coffee to le lo… Thand lag rhi hai.. “ And we all burst out laughing. We picked up a cup each, except the girls… “Unka gloss kharab ho jata na Winking smile“ after the coffee we took some snacks, and uncle asked us to go to the basement for breakfast.

Meet had a bag and a packet of Gift with him, which he could not leave unattended. so Rishabh took uncle’s permission to keep it in the room… Neta type aadmi to hai hi rishabh… Seena chauda karke chalta gaya sabse aage… He opened the gate without knocking… he was carrying Meet’s gift in his hands… Me, Ria and Ruchika were still in the lobby and had not reached the room, as soon as Rishabh opened up the door, he started saying sorry sorry.. he must have said it around 3-4 times.. and BOOM… The gift fell off from his hands…  I and Ria looked towards each other.. Unable to even imagine, what had he seen… He then said.. “ Sorry Didi , pata nhe tha aap log ho yahan.. hum bas saman rakhne aaye the.. “. The three of us.. stopped back in the lobby itself… and burst out into a laughter… Rishabh kept the luggage as soon as he could and retreated back from the room running and shivering…

Now, every one of us was looking at each other, not able to decide, weather we should go or not. everybody seemed to be upstairs, and it was kind of awkward to go alone downstairs.. but the hunger took over our shyness.. and we went down after a couple of minutes… The starting stall was of Gol Gappas.. Ruchika said that she wanted to have some. We took the plates and started filling up the gol gappas with Water. Ria refused to have them… uff.. ye make up ladkiyo ka… Smile with tongue out After having some of them, we stopped.. Sayan was wanting to have some more.. but we refused.. “Khud mehnat karke maza nhe aa rha tha gol gappe khane ka”. He took 2 more pieces and kept his plate. The next stall was of aloo tikki.. Meet ordered two plates and we all shared. The next was the Cheela Stall.. Rishabh bhai went and ordered a plate.. The cook was giving half of the cheela to every one, Rishabh said “Bhaiya dono de do.. “. The cook was like stunned for a second and stared at him, and then server both the halves to him. Ria, finally came up to eat.. forgetting all about her make up in front of those delicious cheelas… we all were trying to cut the pieces in a way that the paneer doesn’t fall out of the roll. but Ria was unable to do it.. and Rishabh said, “Kitni gandgi macha ke khati ho tum.. “

Well, Khana peena khatam hua and we went back upstairs… as soon as we entered, I and Sayan, Stopped, our eyes on the table with all the Chinese snacks being served.

Me: Yaar le kya?

Sayan:Abe chod yaar… Lena hai kya waise?

Me: Yaar Munchurian bohot tempting sa lag rha hai.. chal na..

Sayan: Aisi baat hai to chal..

And we picked up two plates… served enough for all of us to have a bite of every snack on that table and went back to everyone… Within seconds the stuff vanished from our plates and the next turn was of Rishabh and Ruchika, these two went and refilled the plates. that was all for the breakfast.. And as we came and sat down on our seats, Vineet and Ujjwal came. We had to get their luggage kept in the room. Meet took them to the room and this time very cautiously opened the door and kept the luggage. Smile with tongue out

Now Vineet and Ujjwal also needed to have some breakfast,.. and Meet asked us to join them downstairs.. We all laughed at the thought and then went back downstairs…. On the way, Rishabh asked me to accompany him to the washroom, and Ruchika came behind us… Asking.. “Kahan ja rhe ho… “ , I said.. “Washroom, chal rhi hai.. Smile with tongue out“ she ran away… Open-mouthed smile. We went downstairs.. and the same procedure followed, the difference was that, none of us were eating except vineet and Ujjwal… Vineet went to the Cheela stall, and Rishabh was standing along with us.. and the cook was staring at him angrily… Open-mouthed smileSmile with tongue out

After finishing up, we came up and took our seats. As soon as we got seated, A Lovely Looking girl came in… At first, we were stunned to see the Girl, on seeing Closer.. She turned out to be Varnika… The Princess in the yellow gown. She was looking very very different… Sayan’s words were… “Yaar agar ye hasti nhe, to iske daat nhe dikhte.. aur ise pehchan hi nhe pata” Smile with tongue out She met with her family members and then came to us.. In between she started talking to a girl in a Green saari… My eyes got fixed on her… She was cute…Ruchika and sayan were handed the task of photography by varnika, and they went forward to capture some pics of the gathering. They were behaving like professional photographers, and were asking all the standing groups to pose for their clicks… One of the groups was of Varu, green sari wali, and some other girl.

Then varu took us to meet Didi.. in the same room where Rishabh ne kand kiya tha.. we stopped ourselves from laughing, and met di.. She was looking gorgeous… Such a natural make up, and the dress.. Everything suited her perfectly.. and yes.. Didi looked a lot slimmer than the last time we saw her.. She looked lovely.  we were coming back, and Rishabh noticed the length of Varnika’s dress.. It was brooming the floor.. and rishabh said.. “Varu.. apne dress se pure hall mein pocha lagati hai.. Uski shift 12 bje ki thi..but late ho gai.. 1 baje aayi hai aaj.. “ Smile with tongue out 

To be Continued…

Nothing is permanent :-(

Friends are the most important part of a person’s life…  And the most important thing in friendship is trust…  Once you break somebody’s trust…  You can’t,  actually you shouldn’t call that person your friend…  Today I’ll write a story about 6 friends who were the best friends…  But due to slight misunderstandings and their egos…  They blew it up..

On a Friday ,  a group of friends, planned to go on an outing…  Let’s say.. They planned to go to the nearest McDonald’s and domino’s…  Mmm …  Kaushambi it is… If seen from my place…  Sounds good…  They planned to go to kaushambi…  As it was the nearest McDonald’s and domino’s…  And as a plus point…  Mr.  Brown bakery….  Yumm… 

Well…  They all attended the college…  During the lunch…  One of them got a call from her home… And she said that she won’t be able to join us. And we should not cancel the plan… But go on…  Her name was vishakha… 

One of them named simi had a fast that day…  I personally don’t get the concept of fasting…  But she had it…  So a guy named ranjeet told her..   In a somewhat absurd tone, that she has got a fast…  So why is she going? Simi took it seriously…  And being the angry bird of the group..   Cancelled her plan of accompanying them…

Simi didn’t wait fir the lunch to finish and went back inside the college….  She didn’t talk to ranjeet….  For taking it seriously….  Left were 4 of them…  Ranjeet, rani, rishika and prem….

These guys now waited outside the college for simi to come…  As they thought that she would go with them…  Rani…. Us a drama queen and started refusing to go…  While waiting for simi…  Another friend of them … Ishita came by…  Rishika asked her to come… And she got ready..  Now after waiting for around an hour….  They finally left…  Rani was going back to the hostel…  When two hands grabbed her…  And lifted her upto the bus….  They kind of kidnapped her.. 

Well, they enjoyed the day and the next day in the college was their worst day till then… Vishakha and simi…  Were not talking to the other 4.. They kind of ignored them throughout the day…. All the 4 of them felt awkward…  Rani thought that it was because she went on along with them that they were angry… The rest were kind of clueless…  They kept on saying…  That they are not angry… And lifted is normal…  But their faces said it all.

In the evening…  Prem somehow managed to collect his guts together and ask them both the reason for such a behaviour…  He got an answer that ranjeet asked simi not to go…  (the fun he made of her)  and hence she did not go…  She wanted to go with them badly…  But got angry on ranjeet’s words…  Then rani,  who never accompanied them on any trip…  Went this time…  So they thought that she went because the other two didn’t… But actually the reality was different…  Prem and Ishita kidnapped her…

Rishika made a whatsapp group…  On which only those were added who went on the trip so that we all could get the pics at once…  And she told vishakha and simi about it the next day that there’s a group on which only 5 of them were there…  Prem..  Was the one who suggested everyone to go…  As he was impatient for having some pastries…  And since the past week the plan for an outing was being cancelled again and again for some or the other reason…  So prem and ranjeet made a point of going that day even id no other person was coming… 

Listening to the answer…  Prem apologised…  And was told by vishakha not to tell the reasons to anybody else…  As if they want to talk they can come on their own… Ego…..  It hurts..   Isn’t it?

Well…  Prem casually asked ranjeet.. If he talked to vishakha and simi….  And he said…  I had no fault… Why should I talk….  If they wanna talk they would…  Else I am okay…  As I haven’t committed any mistakes…  Ego…  Again… 

Prem tried to keep his promise…  Of not telling him…  But him again and again saying that he wasn’t at fault made him angry and he said it…  He told him…  But then too…  I wasn’t at fault…  I just joked…  Oh fool….  Why are you shouting at prem? Go and talk to vishakha and simi…. 

Well…  Next day…  He called up vishakha and told her that he wasn’t at fault…  But still sorry…  Ah..  Masterstroke….  Band baja di by god…  Vishakha knew that only prem was the one who knew about it and hence…  He would have told ranjeet….  And as a result….  She got angry on him..  She said that she won’t trust him anymore….  Poor guy…. 

Anyways…  These friends, that I proudly used to say, would never ever separate…  And would always be united…  Come what may…  Are on the verge of breaking off…

According to me….  It is the most absurd cold war I’ve ever seen…  What’s your opinion? 

The First Day of The Last Semester

Aah… So Finally The Last Semester. We’ve spent Three and a half years in the college, all praying and wanting the college to end, all the torturous assignments, the exams, Cycle tests and the other blah blah.. It is gonna be over in just a few months from today. But, at this point of time, if you’ll ask me if I am happy with it, then I’m dicey. I should be happy as I would be finishing up my college, and would be stepping out into the real world to implement whatever I’ve learnt in the college. but then again.. what did I learn in the College??? A big question mark. the  answer is.. Ghanta.

The reason, I am sad about ending up of college, is this place, the people around me, who have been there since the past 4 years. We are now grown-ups and spending so much time with a group of people results in some very strong bonds, that lasts for lifetimes. Known as Friendship in our terms. My friends are the only reason I survived in the college for all these years. and I am gonna miss them a lot. Well, its at least 3 months away from the day, and these 3 months are gonna be the most unforgettable time of my life. I wanna spend each and every moment cherishing the gift of friendship.

Ok, so the day started for me at 4:30 AM. my landlord, a farmer, somehow managed to get up at that time and wasn’t able to sleep , so out of frustration, he started the cutting machine, that cuts the plants for the cows to eat(Chaara). The sound was too loud, that I woke up. and then.. I was not able to sleep. Siddharth came back from home a day before and we decided to go for jogging from today. and hence, I waited for sometime and then.. when I got bored, I called him up.. “Utho bhai.. Jogging chalna hai.. “, He came up. performed his daily tasks and then saw the Sky, it was 5 AM and was completely dark outside. He cursed me for waking him so early. Then finally after an hour at 6, we went out..

After an hour when we returned, we were tired like hell, Sid asked me if I would like to take a bath first? I told him that I am going off to sleep, and in this chilling cold I am not bathing so early. He took the Heating rod and went to his room, I came and slept.. What a sleep it was… so peaceful and refreshing. Then the alarm buzzed of and It was time to get ready for college.

Rishabh Called.. “Kahan ho bey?? Thand lag rhi hai.. jaldi aao, bahar khada hu” Open-mouthed smile.. we hurried and reached the college and went inside. The first face we saw was of our HOD Sir. then dhoumya mam, The first day of the semester, and we got scolded. “Pehle hi din late aaye ho? ”. We saw the time table, and it was Elective. that is Pandey sir for me and Dinesh sir for the Rest.. Open-mouthed smile Smile with tongue out.  Anjali Behen  and Isha were already in the class, and we got inside. Sir came in.. took the attendance and told us that he would teach from tomorrow. So, we were talking to him on usual matters. then came the most amusing part of the whole class… The girl…Asaavari… It was like a dream come true… Matlab ab to maze hi the Java padhne mein pure. Smile with tongue out

The lecture finally ended and Dinesh sir entered the class. First he also started up some casual talks, but then, i don’t know what struck him, he started teaching. Sad smile well, any how the first half got finished and the second half was Project, we had to wait for it. We got out to the field and I Varnika, Ria and Rishabh sat at our Usual Examination place. Ria came directly from her home and Aunty had packed up some awesome Kadai ki puris and aloo, matar ki sabji with her…  Oh, I enjoyed the lunch so much. That day to, even Varnika, jo ki jhoota nhe khati, was eating with us.. Smile with tongue out

But the Most Important thing that came up during the lunch of us 4 intellectual people was that Rishabh bhai learnt a new language while he was in Chennai. Dehati Language. He told us a few sentences in the awesome dehati language and then the most amazing one came up. “ARREY YOUUUUU KAAAA? “ Open-mouthed smileSmile with tongue outOpen-mouthed smile We all except Rishabh burst in laughter. That kutta irritated us with that sentence through out the lunch and even on being irritated, we were laughing like fools on that. hahaha… I still can’t stop laughing remembering his accent and actions.

After finishing up, we went to the class, and Rishabh was supposed to teach dance to Varnika, and his dance… Super Awesome. The SRK Style- Hands in the mid air with legs stretched and the back, a little tilted.. He again and again said just one phrase.. “Arrey Youuu Kaaa “Open-mouthed smile. Those were the moments I would definitely miss after my college. Crying face

Then the Project class started, we had to fill up our project details and Ria’s and Rishabh’s project got rejected as they were application based, at first mam asked them to think of something else at that very moment, but then somehow she realised that it was impossible and gave them a day’s time. finally we came out of college. Rishabh told me that he was coming with me to the room to get the Research abstract book to get some ideas, All 4 of us were waiting for the auto and there Anjali was going in some other auto, and they all started shouting bye bye… huh.. She is my sister guys… show some respect… Winking smileSmile with tongue out then we got into an auto and after getting in I was told that we were going to Varnika’s house to meet Didi, and not to my room.. I agreed. Then some more guys hopped up in the auto and Rishabh, who gave up his premium seat(Between two Hotties Winking smile) to me, had to sit on the side bar of the auto. Open-mouthed smile

Finally we reached up the house, and met Vineet and Didi. they were leaving for some work and she asked us to wait for some time and offered us Some nan-khatai to eat. First she said nan-khatai (pron:T as in Tai) and I tried to correct her according to my knowledge, and said Nan-Khattai(pron: T as in Truck). and then she told me. “Beta Nan-Khatai hota hai… (T as in Tai wala)”. She went off. None of us except Rishabh took it at that time thinking of it as a Mithai.. Then his expressions told us that he didn’t like it.

Rishabh: “Bohot Achchi Mithai Thi.”Sick smileDisappointed smile

Varnika: “Achchi Nai Lagi? Mujhe to bohot pasand hai.. Ria Tu bhi le na”

Ria: “Pasand Mujhe bhi hai, but abhi pet bhara hai” Open-mouthed smileSmile with tongue out

I kind of got confused, as the Nan-Khatai I used to eat was nowhere near a Mithai. It was more of a Cookie than a Mithai.

Me: “Arrey ye Mithai nhe… Cookies hain” Open-mouthed smile

All three of those badtameez log started laughing, comparing me with Miss Ruchika… Open-mouthed smile Words like Excuse me and Cookies were being said with some different accents… I wont say any more on this.. Open-mouthed smileSmile with tongue out

Varnika: “Kal Mera Whatsapp Status yehi hoga.. Cookies”

Then Didi came, and we saw the wedding cards, and started talking… First on some casual topics, our future and all. And then Rishabh Kutta, Started the Anjali Topic for around Half an hour Didi was being told My kuttapanti wali harkatein and I was being teased on Anjali. I told them She is My sister… Annoyed. But… Nalayak hain na sab… And well That’s what true friendship is all about. SmileSecret telling smileSecret telling smile

The time came to depart and we all went to our respective places. The day came to an end. But it really a day that I won’t forget, ever. Love you all guys. Smile